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RESEARCH: Applications and Services


The Network Planning and Mobile Communications Laboratory has also fostered the cooperation with the industry sector, both at local and international levels.

Such cooperation has happened by means of different developments, generally turnkey ones, as well as by advanced technological consultancy, with relevant time constraints (it is unlikely for the industry to accept project durations of over 6/9 months). Thanks to the CENIT calls, this tendency is complemented by a longer term vision, even spanning up to four years (the Group participates on two CENIT projects of the April, 2006 call).

The lines of the different projects which have been carried out are obviously related with those of the Group, among which the following points can be highlighted.

  • Projects on the analysis of advanced data transmission systems performance, deployed and assessed over real platforms.
  • Development of wireless communication prototypes and subsystems.
  • Development of applications suited to heterogeneous wireless infrastructures.
  • Development of smart-card based applications.

Last, it is worth mentioning that, as a result of the good university-industry cooperation, the Group has fostered and participated on the start-up of a various SMEs, contributing to the to the Research, Development and Innovation cycle, which the University needs to continuously provide feedback to.

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