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RESEARCH: Presentation


Research activities of the Network Planning and Mobile Communications Laboratory are supported by the joint efforts of all its members of, as well as by the stability of a research staff within the last 10 years.

It is possible establishing three main lines, which somehow have guided the research activities of the Group, being: Wireless Technologies and Networks, Smart Cards (RFID and NFC), and Network Planning and Dimensioning. In all cases, they are technological fields in continuous evolution, making it difficult to specify the concrete aspects in which the Group carries out its R&D activities. It is worth highlighting, due to their relevance, the following points:

  • Personal Networks, WLAN/WPAN. IEEE 802.11x technologies, Bluetooth, etc.
  • Wireless Communication Architectures for next generation networks.
  • Wireless Sensor Networks, RFID, etc.
  • Next Generation Internet.
  • Cognitive Networks.
  • Middleware entities development.
  • Channel coding and information ciphering techniques.
  • Development of services for multi-application smart cards.
  • Models, methods and algorithms for the design and dimensioning of fixed and mobile networks.
  • Software development for the planning, design and dimensioning of networks and techno-economic analysis of services and networks, embracing billing, interconnection and regulation studies.

This broad experience is based both in simulation as well as real implementation techniques, paying a great attention to the last ones. It is supported, on the other hand, by the active and successful participation on a large number of research projects, both with public and private funding, as well as on national and international scopes. Among the last group, it is worth highlighting the ones belonging to the different IST Framework programmes, as well as the CELTIC and ITEA initiatives.

On the other hand, the Group actively contributes to the establishment of the lines that somehow will have an impact of the future of the different research areas which are within its interests, by means of the participation on a number of technological platforms, both at a national (AETIC), and European levels.

It is also worth mentioning the close cooperation which has been established with a large number of private companies, by means of different collaboration agreements, with the main goal of fostering the university-industry couple, which has to become the catalyser of the excellence in the R&D/Innovation, contributing to the value of chain of the information technologies, in all the fields in which the Group carries out its activities.

The research activity of the Group is also reflected on the large number of different forums of scientific dissemination in which the Group members participate, both as co-authors, as well as technical reviewers and members of the different technical committees.

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