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RESEARCH: Network Planning


The Network Planning and Mobile Communications Laboratory develops part of its work in the modelling of communication networks for the planning, design and dimensioning of them. Network modelling is mainly used for cost model studies, with the aim of calculating costs and tariffs of the services integrated in the network. The cost models developed are based on TELRIC method (Total Element based Long Run Increment Cost). This studies allow the development of new algorithms, taking into account academical aspects but also its application to real studies.

The Group has applied its models in several planning and cost calculation studies based on TELRIC method for operators and regulatory authorities, and also for studies for the European Commission. The studies cover traditional networks like the PSTN/ISDN, but also mobile networks and, recently, broadband networks based on IP protocol. The Group has made several studies in collaboration with the institute of communication services studies WIK(www.wik.org) and its international consulting wik-consult. It’s to be emphasized the collaboration in:

  • Development of a tool for modelling a PSTN/ISDN at a national level with a TELRIC model, allowing studies of costs of terminating calls and interconnection to other networks. This tool was used by regulatory authorities of several countries like Germany, Austria, Morocco, Slovenia, etc.
  • Study about interconnection in IP networks for the European Commission in 2002.
  • Development of a tool for modelling Mobile networks with GSM technology at a national level, allowing cost studies, similar as in the case of the PSTN/ISDN. The tool has been used in sdudies for several operators and regulators, like e-plus (KPN), BNeAg (Germany), ACCC (Australia), BAKOM (Switzerland).

The group has also participate wih the telecommunications network design and dimensioning issue in several nacional and european proyects (REPOSIT, EURO-NGI) and currently participates in the Network of Excellence EURO-FGI (www.euro-fgi.org) inside of the 6th Framework Programme of the European Community. In this network, the group has the responsibility of two work packages and its principal investigator is part of the steering committee.

Currently, the group is developing a tool for the design and dimensioning of 3th generation mobile networks, next generation networks studies based mainly on the IMS standard, and a design and cost model for broadband access networks with QoS conditions, for the study of Broadband Bitstream Access Service, where the European Regulator Group is currently focused (www.erg.eu.int).

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